5 Vegan Halloween Treat Recipes That Are So Delicious, It’s Scary

Aside from spooky décor and creative costumes, Halloween revolves around sweets. Lots of them. But when your diet does not include animal products, making vegan Halloween treats is probably on your list of things to do this fall. This type of activity is perfect for the vegan with a sweet tooth who misses things like chocolate, marshmallow fluff, and cheesecake.

Mouthwatering vegan meals are not just for vegans, though. You might be surprised at how versatile (and tasty) these treats can be. They are all about raw, fresh ingredients with a focus on natural sources of sugar. To top it off, vegan desserts typically have more vitamins, protein, and fiber than their store-bought counterparts.

Jack Skellington Mounds Cups 

Jack Skellington Mounds Cups: a spooktacular 4-ingredient recipe for paleo mounds cups inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. Recipe here.

Witch Finger Cookies

Between the strawberry jelly “blood” and the almond “nails,” these healthy witch finger cookies are brilliant. Just be sure to trade the honey for agave to make it vegan. Besides the fact that they are scary and spook-tacular these gruesome, gory fingers for your cooking-munchin’-mouths are super easy to make. Recipe here.

Vegan Ghost Cupcakes

These ghosts look more like they’re the ones getting a fright, instead of giving others a fright. Nonetheless, they are delicious and a wonderful treat so serve at Halloween time. Recipe here.

Nakd Chocolate Mousse Pots 

Get in touch with your dark side with these graveyard mousse pots. They boast healthy ingredients like ground almonds, arrowroot powder, and agave nectar. Recipe here.

Spooky Black Bean Hummus

What to do when everyone else is bringing desserts to dinner and you’re asked to bring an appetizer? Spooky black bean hummus, a super healthy recipe that takes 10 minutes to make. Recipe here.






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