5 Women Redefining The Wellness Landscape

Within the world of wellness, there is one flagrant detail that can’t be ignored: how lacking it is in diversity. Not only in terms of ethnicity, sexuality or religious belief, but also in terms of how wellness itself is interpreted and portrayed.

That being said, there are actually a lot of women making wellness a better place, but since they don’t usually get put in spotlight, we wanted to give some of them a shout-out for all of the flat-out amazing things they’re saying and doing. Here, then, are a few women on our radar who are making wellness a new, improved, and more inclusive space for all. Let each of them inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Natasha James (@rawcellsis the owner of an organic vegan treats company called Rawcells located in California. She’ll instantly make you want to be a healthier snacker!

Lauren Ash (@hellolaurenash) is the founder and creative director of Black Girl In Om, this visionary is dedicated to the wellness and self-care for women of color. Her audio meditations will probably take your mind to the next level. She is also the co-founder of the black joy-themed event company Party Noire in Chicago.

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Judine Saint-Gerard (@judinesaintgerardis a social media personality, professional fitness athlete and fitness coach is using her platform to encourage people to change how they think about health and fitness: what it looks, feels and tastes like. Her mission is to make fitness accessible to everyone by being a living example and teaching from her own raw experiences. She inspires us to discover our own version of fitness; a healthy and active lifestyle that will grand us true self-fulfilment, happiness and longevity. Check out a guest interview we did with her earlier this year!

Sade & Samantha Mims (@sademims & @samsaa) are Brooklyn-based twin sisters are the co-founders of Edas Jewels and run the dope blog Brown Fox. With a focus on health, food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, you can have the best of all worlds thanks to these two.

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Melody Jones (@melodyorganics) is a blogger who focuses on juice, health, and motherhood. She believes that a balanced lifestyle should be accessible to all. If this busy bee can manage to do it all, so can you.





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