8 Halloween Candies You Had No Idea Were Vegan

Halloween is right around the corner and there are three things on our mind: our costume, the end of our sober October challenge and all the candy we will enjoy throughout the month. If you’re like us, vegan candy is definitely on the menu, but sometimes you just want to enjoy some of the same treats we all know and love. We bet you didn’t know these 8 treats were vegan:



Airheads are a halloween staple. The taffy bars were made in 1986 and sold in handfuls of flavors including strawberry, cherry, green apple, blue raspberry and the infamous white mystery.



Your favorite chalky candy is vegan. And it’s true, the more you eat, the smarter you get. The calcium stearate (an anti-caking agent) that they use is vegetable derived.



Twizzlers are truly an acquired taste, but they are also vegan. They can be used as a straw and come in several different flavors including chocolate, cherry, and strawberry.

Swedish Fish

Name a person that doesn’t love Swedish Fish. We will wait.



Yes, the lemon flavored candy is vegan. One fun fact is the company that makes Red Hots also makes Lemonheads, the same exact way, different flavor.


Sour Patch Kids

These candies are truly sour then sweet. The gummies are made with corn starch and not gelatin, so you’re welcome.

Now and Later

Now and Laters are meant to eat half now and some later, but in reality, we always eat the entire square. Thank God they are vegan.


Up until 2015, Skittles contained gelatin which isn’t vegan friendly. The ingredient was removed, allowing the taste of the rainbow to be guilt free.





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