Watch A$AP Twelvvy Shop for Comics in Noisey & Friends Episode 2

Noisey & Friends got us caught up with Tunji Ige, Allan Kingdom and now Harlem’s own A$AP Twelvvy as he shopped at the historic St. Mark’s Comics shop in New York City. The second episode of the video series brings us into the world of various artists across genres. In this episode, they caught up with A$AP Twelvvy as he shared his contemplative musings on his favorite comic (Spawn… because he’s black lol) and his proposal for Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West creating a superhero duo:

“I think it would be cool in Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West got together and were like a crazy super hero [group]. Matter of fact Wiz Khalifa and Kanye have a relationship like Goku and Vegeta.”

We skip rocks in the Malibu Canyon with Allan Kingdom, traipse through Seoul, Korea’s Gwangjang Market and drop in on Fetty Wap’s tour bus in Nowhereland. Finally, after trying to gain a part-time position at St. Mark’s Comics shop Twelvvy lets us know of his plan to unite rap enthusiasts and comic nerds:

“Me, I’m gonna make being a f*cking geek cool. We gone have rap battles in every comic book shop.”

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