Doin’ It Well: Acupuncture And The Five Reasons You Should Try It

Acupuncture is both a theory and a practice, dating back to approximately 6000 BCE in China. The first text recognized to have thoroughly depicted the process in which a patient is diagnosed and treated through acupuncture is The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. Fortunately, you don’t need to get your hands on this text to obtain knowledge on the health benefits of acupuncture–-with the main objective being to promote and restore the balance of energy, which flows throughout the body.

So let’s first address the most popular concern of newcomers to the practice: Does it hurt?

Well, they are needles, but they’re so small they’re not intended to hurt. Depending on your condition(s), the acupuncturist will gently tap the needles into various pressure points throughout the body. The pressure points are strategically inserted into influential nerve endings to assist with the body’s flow of energy.


Although the practice is recognized as a pseudoscience to some, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with because millions of people, for centuries, swear by the benefits of the treatment. One of the major components to its effectiveness,  is its assistance with the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killing chemicals. Below, we’ve selected five super exciting reasons to give it a shot!

  1. Chronic Pain Relief
  2. Reduction of Anxiety/Depression
  3. Helps Treat Insomnia
  4. Assist with Digestion
  5. Improve Cognitive Function

Today, it is recognized globally as a medical asset, offering a holistic approach to contemporary medicinal remedies. Check out this article to read more about how it all goes down and judge for yourself!

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