Why You Should Add Breakfast Salads To Your Daily Meal Plan

They say a balanced breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether it’s hot cereal, cold cereal or even a quick granola bar out the door, skipping out on breakfast can have us feeling sluggish, tired and even moody. Laura Regensdorf of Vogue magazine recently wrote an article about Breakfast salads and why the best part of waking up is not having Folgers in your cup. The seemingly quiet trend plays a major role in L.A. Based restaurant, Kismet, which offers salads on their daytime menu, as early as 10 AM. Sarah Hymanson, the co-owner of the seven-month-old franchise states, “It’s more of a mental framework for understanding what breakfast is.” 

When we think of salads, We normally think of arugula and roasted vegetables with vinaigrette dressing during lunch. But starting the day with a leafy meal instead, can heighten your energy levels, and help you attain weight loss. Since most salads are high in fiber and low in calories, you will feel full faster and ultimately lose those annoying extra pounds. Eating salads is an easy way to work in the servings of fruits and vegetables our body needs, boosting our immune system, improving the digestive system and strengthen our muscles.

Here are some breakfast salads worth giving a try:

(Click the photos for the recipe.)

Avocado Toast Breakfast Salad:

Greens, Grapes and Granola Breakfast Salad:

Berry Mint Salad:

Eggs Benedict Breakfast Salad:



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