Adidas Headphones: The Zound of 2019

When it comes to Adidas, they’re pretty unstoppable. On top of them being the number one sneaker company in the world right now, the brand clearly doesn’t believe limitations when it comes to meeting the lifestyle needs of consumers and hype-beasts alike. Rather it’s something their working on now or for the future, Adidas brings volume to everything they touch, literally and figuratively.

Recently the brand announced that they would be releasing headphones in collaboration with Swedish tech company that curates fashionable electronics, Zound. Zound is the reason why we have Marshall speakers and Urbanears and the reason you’ll be seeing Zound’s upcoming products are set to run underneath Adidas from 2019 until 2024.

In the past, Adidas has partnered with Monster to create a branded headphone complete with the Adidas logo, look and feel. As for Zound, this will be headphone collaboration starting from scratch allowing Adidas to tap into the tech side of things.




There’s no word on if the headphones will be wireless or the price, but we can probably assume that their upcoming collaboration will feature the classic Adidas logo and color scheme. Will you be purchasing these headphones next year or can you afford to sleep on it?  Let us know here at!


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