Adidas Launches New Wellness App ‘All Day’

Just a couple of weeks ago, adidas announced at SXSW that they were launching a wellness app, ‘All Day’. This app isn’t your usual wellness app, as they use a combination of health aspects to ensure you’re tackling your overall health: movement, nutrition, mindset and rest. The app’s creation was intended to remind its consumers that a healthy lifestyle is more than just an active lifestyle.

The ‘All Day’ app has features that assist in tracking distance you’ve covered and calories you’ve burned for the day. In addition, the app contains tutorials, in written and video form, that offer tips on how to achieve these objectives throughout the day. As the app is still developing in beta, it is currently focused around women’s wellness—as women are “the key users in the wellness space.” The overall goal is to be a very inclusive app designed for people at any stage of their wellness journey.

To start your wellness journey with ‘All Day,’ search for the app on the Apple and Android markets.Don’t wait too long! There is a limit on how many people can access the app! The full version of ‘All Day’ is expected some time this summer.

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