Adult Swim Continues to Release Hot Singles

Since the beginning of the 2017 Adult Swim singles program, the team has been keeping up with all of the tracks released for the duration of each month. With July ending, here is a quick overview of what Adult Swim has cooked up over the last four weeks.

“Superfun” by HXLT is a fun song with a sort of old school beat but with beatles like vocals. Odd mix I’d have to say but nonetheless a song that anyone would catch themselves nodding to at a stoplight.

Another cool song released in the program this month is “Come be me” by Helado Negro. This single gives off an old school R&B disco feel with smooth vocals. While also having relatable lyrics, it’s obvious that this love song could have the potential to make it big. Recorded by Robert Carlos Lange, also known as Helado Negro, “Come be me” has production so good that it sometimes drowns out the beauty of the lyrics.

The last song that was released in the month of July is “Follow That Money” by Nick Hook. The beat is an obnoxious electronic dance hall beat that seems to be new to listeners. The song features Bunji Garlin and Fatman Scoop. Their voices mesh so well together on the song that it is shocking seeing how intense the instrumental.

Other songs released with the program this month are “Lips That Bite” by Downtown Boys and “Your Dystic Creation Doesn’t Fear You” by Deerhoof ft. Awkwafina.

Adult Swim will continue to release the rest of the 52 tracks in the singles program as the weeks go by but until then, take a listen to the ones that have already released.

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