Adult Swim releases New Singles from Jay IDK, The Juju Exchange, Lord RAJA + more

Keeping up with Adult Swim playlist this year might seem a little hectic seeing as they release at least one new song every week, but since they have started the team has you covered every month with the most recent releases.This past month of August, Adult Swim released songs with Jay IDK, The Juju Exchange, Lord RAJA, Angrboda and more.

Adult Swim does a great job of releasing songs from rising talent highlighting the fact that just because they aren’t in the limelight, doesn’t mean they don’t have good music too. Of the tracks released this month the two stand outs happen to be one track that was released this week called “Baby Scale” by Jay IDK and “True Lightyears” by KMD ft. Jay Electronica and DOOM.

“Baby Scale” stands out because of the instrumental and hardcore lyrics. The instrumental breaks into two separate beats that IDK is able to keep up with the tempo on both.

“Im here, got my hand up in a class full of dummies

It’s funny, back then they ain’t want me

Now they still don’t want me

Its funny, I’m still in the race with your major label signee

So I don’t need a TIP my attitude been on Tiny”

Along with the release of this track, Jay IDK will also be releasing a full length soundtrack and self-produced visual series with Adult Swim as well.

“True Lightyears” is a standout song mainly for the content as well. The fact that the 90s rap group, Kausing Much Damage or KMD, is making their comeback with this track also makes it unique.

“With every verse I heal the earth, with every line I drop
The tears of man into a cloud, in a fine mist until it bursts
And rain from the brain, snowflakes for the pain”


Check out the rest of the tracks released so far in Adult Swim’s 2017 Singles program.

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