Aleali May and Vashtie Chat About Their Sneaker Collabs + Streetwear

We know what you’re thinking: This is the most iconic collaboration ever. And you’re right. On Aleali May’s Complex show Get It Together, she chatted with Vashtie about streetwear, women in sneakers, and paving a way for women in the streetwear community. The two walked around New York City, met up at one of Vashtie’s favorite spots to work out, and grabbed lunch while sharing their thoughts on the current streetwear scene. The two both like to make a statement and remain comfortable and it’s effortlessly shown in their sneaker designs.

Vashtie was the first woman to work with Jordan to design a sneaker while Aleali followed up with being the second. Their designs reflect their personal brands and style. Vashtie’s Jordan 2’s provide a subtle pop of color, allowing the sneaker to provide a statement to a simpler look. The violet color remains on-brand with Violette and teeters the feminine and masculine line. Aleali has had her hand at a few sneakers. Her millennial pink Jordan 6 provides a statement, her first Jordan 1s push a black and silver agenda and second Jordan 1 gives various colors and a bit of faux fur, this sneaker is perfect for those daring to catch eyes.

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