Animation: An art that artists are putting back to use

Yesterday was a big day for artists like Jaden Smith and Rae Sremmurd. Whats the common denominator you ask?  Well maybe it’s the fact that they’re coming out with their own animations,  following in the footsteps of other musical artists before them except with a twist. Yesterday, Vampire Weekend member Ezra Koenig and  rapper/actor Jaden Smith released a trailer for their joint anime series entitled “Neo Yokio”. The anime series will feature narration from Jude Law, executive production and writing from Koenig, and numerous characters inluding Smith who will be playing a character with pink hair and demon slaying abilities named Kaz Kaan. The Seoul, Korea assisted show will be premiering amongst the Netflix platform on September 22nd .

Last but definitely not least , Rae Sremmurd made not just one but two debuts. The news released that the hip-hop duo released a song entitled “Love” with ILoveMakonneon (produced by Travis Barker and MikeWillMadeIt) as well as that they would be starring in their own comic book series in collaboration with the musical superhero Shadowman. The Shadowman/Rae Sremmurd #1 is set to release in October.

It’s no secret that cartoons have been curated in the midst of artists careers or formed to create the identity of artists. For instance Tyler The Creator has his cartoon Jellies now available on Adult Swim’s platform and then you have artists like Radiohead who use animation as teasers for their albums and videos.  Along with that narrative, we also have Gorillaz who uses their animation as the core of their identity as well as their visuals. Then you also have artists that rather make wave with their content rather than their physicality such as when DyE released their video for “Fantasy” back in 2011. Just to add on to the cartoon range of usage and versatility, prior to Lil Dicky becoming apart of XXL Freshman class of 2016, the rapper released an animated visual in collaboration with artist Douglas Einar Olsen for his song “Professional Rapper” featuring Snoop Dogg.

Tyler The Creator’s Jellies


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