Throw It Back: Great Moments From The Classic ‘House Party 3’


Kid N’ Play have given us a lot of great moments and content during their run. High top fades, leg breaking dance moves, songs to do these dance moves to and of course a wealth of cult classic films. House Party 1-3 and Class Act have been cinematic staples for most of my life. Today we celebrate and champion House Party 3 on it’s 23rd anniversary. Many people who remember how great the original House Party film was love to tell you that their 2nd and 3rd installments were not up to snuff. Let me put those thoughts to bed right now. Out of the original 3 films, I honestly always loved the 3rd most. While it may not have the same bubbly early 90s feel that the first two had. You can’t deny the great moments, music and comedy that this film displayed. So while I have your attention let’s dig into some of my favorite moments from House Party 3. 

The Crazy Family Dinner

So if you haven’t seen this movie then let me fill you in. In House Party 3 Kid (Christopher Reid) is engaged to a new love interest, Veda (Angela Means) which seems like a rebound move from Kid’s past break up with Sydney (Tisha Campbell). During this scene Kid’s family (Uncle Fester played by the incomparable Bernie Mac and Aunt Lucy played by Ketty Lester) comes over to Veda’s parents house for a friendly family dinner to get to know Kid and his family. In true dysfunctional family fashion, the dinner goes downhill before anyone could even say grace. The comedic chemistry between Reynaldo Rey (Veda’s father) and Bernie Mac is just completely epic. I don’t want to give away too much but check the video above to really understand how great this scene is.

Chris Tucker As Johny Booze

Although his role as Johnny Booze only lasted about 2 minutes. The relatively unknown comedian made one of his first movie debuts right here in House Party 3. It’s crazy to think that just a year later he’d play the character Smokey in Friday with Ice Cube and become a megastar in Hollywood.

Play’s Amazing Muhammed Ali “Greatest In The World” Leather Jacket/RAS Posse

One big difference about this movie in comparison to the first two is hands down the type of hip-hop that was popular at the time. The first two movies were released in 1990 and 1991 while HP3 didn’t release until 1994. A lot changed in those shorts years. Clothes got baggier, the music got more rugged and hardcore, gangsta rap has taken over the whole genre for the most part and much of the music in hip-hop was being laced with a flavor of reggae and dancehall from Jamaica. So it’s no surprise they through a fictional rap group by the name of RAS Posse into the a movie. A hybrid of reggae/dancehall and hip-hop, very 1994. I always wondered who these guys actually were because they actually were pretty tight. Want to know what else was tight? Play’s leather jacket from this scene. Play (Christopher Martin) was always known to have great style moments (he pretty much invented 8Ball jackets) but this moment right here is one of those “Damn, now I need to look for this on eBay” moments. So if anyone sees this jacket in an XL. Please let me know 🙂 Thanks!

“Make Noise” by Kid ‘N Play featuring TLC

Hands down one of my favorite moments from this film would have to be the end House Party performance where Kid ‘N Play trade sick verses with TLC’s Left Eye on the track “Make Noise”. It’s interesting seeing how Kid ‘N Play kept up with the times and switched up their rap styles while still staying themselves. This scene is particularly special to me because of how great Left Eye’s performance on this song was. She floated all over this track like she was figuring skating in The Olympics. Don’t take my word for it though, press play on the video above.

All in all, this film is a straight up classic for anyone who is obsessed with obscure 90’s novelty and nostalgia. I can’t tell you how many times I watched this movie before an actual party. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this movie and found a new piece of clothing to look for on eBay. Movies like this are why many of us fell in love with the culture as kids and now try their best to contribute to it. I advise you all to find the full length movie, sit back and enjoy a quick flashback to 1994.



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