Anxiety: 5 Ways Meditation Can Help You

When it comes to our lives, sometimes we can be overwhelmed by our own lifestyle factors whether’s its the work we drown ourselves in, the relationships we form, or by the situations  and/or anxiety we inevitably find ourselves having. Even though you may find yourself being guilty of these day to day feelings, but anxiety affects over 40 million Americans.  This anxiety is often half-way treated with substances that are not meant to be used long-term. In order to eliminate your anxiety in a healthy way however is to engage in meditation which is an exercise that trains your brain to be less anxious. Not only is meditation is a drug-free solution for anxiety but it is also a way cheaper alternative in comparison to an expensive and time-lengthy therapy session. To help those that may be battling anxiety, here are five reasons you might want to join the meditation wave.

Meditation is the answer to anxiety is because it improves the structure and function of your brain, reduces anxiety symptoms, and can also reverse the damage formed by anxiety. Based off of a research study conducted by Johns Hopkins, they found that the top usage of mindfulness meditation is for anxiety relief.

The next reason we’ll dig into for practicing meditation is that it breaks anxious thought patterns. Practicing this substance-free solution and mindful exercise helps break the repeating cycle of obsessive and negative thoughts. In addition to that, meditation also improves overall control over unwanted and random thoughts.

Next we have our third reason for mediation and this time it’s for brain chemical balance. Often times people relate mood switch and temper change-up to chemical balance. In this case, chemical imbalance can be an influence the forming of anxiety in addition to other risk factors like personality type, emotional trauma, and your own genes. Meditation practice increases gamma-aminobutyric acids (GABA) which helps us remain relaxed, and increases amounts of serotonin which promotes happiness.

In addition to meditation balancing the chemicals in our brain, the fourth reason why mediation is the key to anxiety is because it can help you shape a bigger and healthier brain. Not only does this practice help increase blood flow to the brain, improves neural connections, improve neuroplasticity, and help you fight against mental-decline related illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease.

Last but not least, the fifth reason why you should consider doing mediation to solve your anxious ways and overall anxiety is because it’s effective in relieving unusual levels of stress. Whether you want to look into guided meditation or a 10-minute breathing meditation of mindfulness (which you can catch Vashtie doing on her Insta-Snap daily), meditation helps decrease job related stress, improves work performance, and helps minimize symptoms of PTSD. Meditation is also helpful  in overcoming anxiety and panic attacks.




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