Appreciating Kid Cudi and His Harmony


Happy Birthday Scott Mescudi! Our beloved rap-rock-star turns 33 and today we celebrate him and his wonderful harmony!

Kid Cudi had quite a tough year last year, having battled some personal issues involving his mental health. But heroically and unintentionally, he brought the talk of mental health to the forefront of the Hip-Hop community – opening the door for some other artists to be more open about it, such as Gucci Mane and Kanye West. His honesty sparked a much needed conversation that brought in tons of support with the tag #YouGoodMan and allowed people, specifically Black men, to be more open about this topic that seemed to have been taboo for so long.

Most recently, Kid Cudi has released his sixth studio album, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’, which I’d say is the perfect title for his bad ass persona. The album was released December of last year and broke another genre barrier for him, adding to his artistry as a whole. Cudi has also continued to collaborate musically with artists such as Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott.

This Kid from Cleveland has grown so much despite his mishaps, adding titles such as actor, guitarist, film director and video producer, to name a few, to accompany his titled career as a rapper. Cudi has never been afraid to be himself and always experiments with new sounds and aesthetics. But one thing that will always remain the same are his infamous harmonies, more specifically, his “Hmm Yeah’s.”

Check out some of his best harmonies over the years below!:

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