#ArtistToWatch in 2020: Emotional Oranges

There’s something about the artist’s mystique that’s fascinating and wanting us to know more about them. Being enigmatic with a mysterious aura is alluring to listeners. Artists such as The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Sade, PARTYNEXTDOOR, H.E.R, Kendrick Lamar rather keep their personalities and identity within their music and not on cameras and social media. Alongside these great artists there’s Emotional Oranges. A complete anonymous duo from the Los Angeles area.

Comprised as a collective, this mysterious group is putting together some of the most irresistibly soulful grooves that’s been missing in music today. To keep their identity as private as possible, the two singers of the collective go by the name of “A” (male singer) and “V” (female singer). This is done, so they can go on and live their normal lives. Keeping the mystique aesthetic is what makes their career ripening and fresh.

In 2019, Emotional Oranges were able to make their music echo with their two debuted projects, The Juice Vol. I & II. Both projects are an effortless blend of pop and r&b with a hint of disco. “Motion” was their very first single to be released to the public and it’s undeniably great. It possesses a pulsating bass-line that works it’s way into your body. Next thing you know you’re pretending to be in your own music video. Sonically, Emotional Oranges creates soundscapes and atmospheres that are hazy and mesmerizing. It pulls you in and you’ll never want to leave.

Furthermore, “Built This Way” has you instantly singing along without even knowing the lyrics. “Personal” casts a spell that makes you want to hit the dance floor. They’ve somehow found a way to make songs that are sensual. You’ll feel every groove, beat, and bass-line that’s dreamy and psychedelic. They’re heavily influenced by The Weeknd, Sade, Daft Punk, and Janet Jackson.

In addition, both projects are provocative, sultry and a complete joyride. Singers, A & V go back & forth, trading their takes on relationships that are honest and real. What’s special about these songs are the ambiguities of it all. For example, “Just Like You” is without a doubt a sexy record about masturbation that’s also somehow romantic.

Lastly, given the co-sign by Rory from the Joe Budden Podcast, who now manages them, they are soon to soar to even newer heights. With their uncanny way of writing undeniably great songs with their pristine sound, the team at VashtieDotCom is excited to see what they have coming next.

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