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5 Must-See Hip Hop and R&B Concerts This Fall

Summer is coming to an end, and the fall season is approaching us. While the heat of summer makes it the perfect season to see performances at festivals, fall is a great season for hard core fans to watch artists

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#BeautyTipTuesday: DIY Skin and Hair Care

Knowing the ingredients in your products is essential – most beauty products are chock full of chemicals , and many of these can cause cancer or illness. With skin and hair care reaching an all time popularity, learning to make your

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3 Ways to Stay Fit on a Budget

Summer is slowly coming to an end and if you missed out on “get fit”season, it’s probably on your mind. Hitting the gym every morning can be hard to work into your daily routine and to be quite honest, it

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Doin’ It Well: How to balance eating clean with your mental health

Eating clean is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle; no matter how much exercise you do, you can not outrun a bad diet. However, “eating clean” is a slippery slope that can (in a worse case scenario) lead to developing an eating

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EVENT RECAP: Vashtie Hits Toronto for Manifesto

  Vashtie made waves in Toronto this weekend by headlining the official after party for the Manifesto Music Festival and hosting an event with photographer Che Kothari. The Manifesto afterparty was held in collaboration with the monthly party group High Power in

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Kali Uchis has been crushing it. The Colombian-American singer first broke onto the music scene in 2014 when she collaborated with hip hop legend Snoop Dogg. She released her first studio EP Por Vida in 2015, and worked with Tyler the Creator,


The Mystical Music of Stevie Nicks

The Fleetwood Mac front woman, Stevie Nicks, is one of the best selling music acts of all time. With her unique bohemian style, Stevie still inspires us to this day. Her name is almost synonymous with her signature look of shawls,

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Trent Reznor started his music career in in the late 80’s when he dropped out of school to form the (now infamous) band Nine Inch Nails. By transforming the industry and bringing a new genre of music to the mainstream, Nine Inch Nails has

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A Tribute To Designer, Actress And All Around Visionary: Sofia Coppola

As an icon in filmmaking, she is known for aesthetically beautiful films which centre around young women.  The third woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director -Coppola is an inspiring force who has paved the way

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Fashion Designer Melody Ehsani Empowers Women and Explores Iranian Heritage

Dreamy and ethereal, Melody Ehsani’s designs are to die for. Many of her products are reminiscent of ’90s Hip-Hop style and her bold ME logo connotes a simple confidence and self love. Her aesthetic brings the playfulness of childhood and

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