Bahi Cosmetics: A Black Woman-owned beauty brand you need in your collection

Danielle Bahi was tired of seeing Black women placed in a specific category by so many beauty brands, so she created her own line that caters to everyone. Bahi Cosmetics launched during summer 2016 and is black woman owned. Bahi, a licensed aesthetician and makeup artist from the Ivory Coast, developed a paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan collection of both skincare and cosmetic products, made of natural ingredients like olive, sunflower, almond and hazelnuts oils for women of all shades. Her goal for the line was to have an all-natural line, that didn’t cause any allergic reactions, prevented breakouts and did its job properly.

While the brand started off focusing on makeup products like eye shadows, glitters, face and body glow, eyelashes, and powdered highlighters, their most popular product to date has actually been skincare related: the Sunflower Sweet Serum. This simple serum is formulated to offer a heavy dose of moisture and hydration to the skin while helping to reduce the appearance of imperfections; specifically, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. The Bahi Cosmetics Sunflower Sweet Serum is packed with essential oils and extracts like orange fruit extract which is full of brightening vitamin c, antibacterial and antimicrobial grapefruit seed extract, and moisturizing grapeseed oil which also helps to reduce acne scars and dark circles. It has had raving reviews for how much elasticity it adds to the skin after just a few days, and especially for those with stubborn dark marks and acne, this serum has received a ton of praise (you can find crazy before and afters on their Instagram page).

Aside from the Sunflower Sweet Serum, beauty bloggers of various complexions had overall positive things to say about Bahi Cosmetics skincare products.  While some found that the toner worked well with the serum but didn’t show dramatic effects on their skin, others raved about the fast effects of the face mask, making skin softer and unclogging pores instantly after removal. One beauty blogger even gave Bahi’s Bronze Body Oil, described as a “Blend of natural oils and shimmers to create the ultimate luxurious glow for everyday wear” a 10/10 rating, based on how illuminating the oil was, turning her skin from being dull to having a youthful radiant glow.

Bahi Cosmetics also offers three different soaps to help cleanse, soothe, and moisturize the skin. The Bahi Cosmetics Loud BLCK soup is the most popular of the three and is a traditional black soap infused with tea tree and avocado oil, along with lemon, lime, and charcoal, which bloggers claim is effective in treating dry, irritated, and inflamed skin.

Bahi’s makeup-setting products, in both powder and spray form, consistently sell out soon after restocking. Bloggers find the powder smooth and soft, creating a clean canvas for makeup application, and claim that the spray leaves their faces intact and oil-free for hours on end. On the makeup front, most people loved the lipstick colors as well as the highlight colors, which catered to even Women of Color on the darker end of the spectrum. While the shades of Bahi Cosmetics powder highlighters are radiant, they are still in line with brand’s commitment to using natural based ingredients. Inside each powder highlighter are simple micas, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides. Bloggers recommend wearing each Bahi Cosmetics powder highlighter alone or layered with another to create that perfect radiant glow for your skin.

The less than favorable Bahi Cosmetics reviews are more focused on the brands’ customer service woes rather than the quality of the products themselves. Frequently out of stock items and long lead times on delivery are a frequent source of frustration for many customers. That being said, the success of Bahi Cosmetics, its growing fan base, and the multitude of  reviews are enough to suggest that for a young company, it’s doing rather well.

At Bahi Cosmetics, the mission is clear: to offer all natural and effective beauty products for all people, of all shades, that are good for your skin, body, and budget. Let us know if you’ve used any of the Bahi Cosmetics products and how it makes or breaks your current skincare routine!

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