Banksy piece spotted in East Harlem

Banksy is back in New York. So far, murals by the British protest graffiti artist have been spotted in Harlem, Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. We saw a piece in East Harlem featuring a New York Stock Exchange broker that we suspect will be claimed by the artist on IG within days, which is where he officially authenticates his work. Scroll down for photos.

His last local stint was a 31-day “Better Out Than In” residency in 2013. The following year, the Banksy Does New York documentary about his residency aired on HBO. See the clip above. Banksy is known for producing work that speaks to international social injustices. He does not sell his original work, or photographic reproductions, which has spurred an entire collectors’ market. These collectors physically remove large-scale pieces from building facades and sell them without sharing the profits with the artist, which would be difficult to do since Banksy has notoriously chosen to live a life of anonymity.

If you want to check out his current body of work, before businesses paint over it or collectors abscond with it, see our running list of sites below:

110th Street & 2nd Avenue – New York Stock Exchange broker with arms full of cash (below)
Sixth Avenue & 14th Street – Giant rat
Houston Street & the Bowery – Turkish-Kurdish artist Zehra Dogan imprisonment protest piece

Coney Island Avenue & Avenue I – Real estate developer chasing out women and children
Coney Island Avenue & Avenue I – Seal with a ball

Photos by : @DabianCanales


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