The Beastie Boys are Dropping a Memoir this Fall

Beastie Boys member, Mike D, has officially confirmed that there will be a memoir dropping this Fall. This is amazing news for old-school Hip-Hop and Rock-n-Roll fans alike!

The group recently stopped in for a conversation at Beats 1 with radio host, Matt Wilkinson. When asked for a progress report on the previously announced Beastie Boys memoir, Mike D responded that progress was going along “swimmingly,” and that we can expect the book this Autumn:

“We’re actually going to finish it. I think it’s going to come out finally. Like many things we embark on, there were many false starts and honestly directions we went in we realized were not the direction we should be going in. It’s going to be coming out in fall of this year.”

Mike D made it a point to promise his fans that the memoir will tell the truth and nothing but the truth about their career. From their early rise to fame to recent events – we will hear about it all. For the Beastie Boys, the 80’s was a time for amazing music and film which heavily influenced their sound. Since they considered themselves both a Hip-Hop and Rock-n-Roll group, they attribute their sounds to many different entities.

“We just had the good fortune of being around all of it…”

According to Mike D, this memoir will be unlike any other musician or band book we’ve seen in the past. It’ll not only give us a real look into their lives but also a look into the music of the 80’s and how it has influenced our music today. Until the memoir is finished, enjoy a handful of our favorite Beastie Boy tracks below:



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