#BeautytTipTuesday: Beat the Heat: Fighting Chub-Rub

Summer is officially here in full force, and although New York’s spike in temperature is much appreciated, with it comes sweating, rubbing, sunburn, and all sorts of unwelcome threats to your skin. The worst of all is chafing, better known as chub-rub. In the humidity and heat, tight clothing (or even your own skin) can irritate your skin, creating red bumps, soreness, or itchiness. It’s also important to realize that chub-rub happens to the best of us, thigh gap or not. Even bras or ill-fitting shoes can rub up repeatedly against sweaty skin to cause chafing, the symptoms of which could persist for days and make anyone feel miserable. This year, combat irritated skin by protecting yourself from chafing using any of these all-natural products.

“Silky Underwear” Dusting Powder by LUSH
LUSH is famous for it’s superior beauty products, made up of all-natural ingredients that are often self-preserving and free from packaging. This British company is well known for its aromatics and vegan ingredients, which have come together to create a lightweight layer of protection against sweating and rubbing. Silky Underwear contains cornstarch, which helps absorb and control some excess moisture, and cocoa butter to keep your skin moisturized. The small packaging is also ideal for travel or long nights. You can slip the bottle into your purse, or measure out enough for a single night and put it into a smaller container.

“Thigh Rescue” by Megababe
Founded by people who were tired of the “ouches and ughs” of being a woman, Megababe is a small company dedicated to creating all-natural products that help alleviate some of the unspoken issues of being a woman. Their modest product line contains and a rose-scented anti-perspirant “Rosy Pits,” a revolutionary product to control breast sweat “Bust Dust,” and “Thigh Rescue,” an aloe-based anti-chafe stick. Both “Bust Dust” and “Thigh Rescue” aim to save women from sweating and irritation, but “Thigh Rescue” is the most convenient method for fighting chub rub. This aloe product looks like a mini deodorant stick, but is full to the bursting with nourishing pomegranate and grapeseed oils to smooth your inner thighs and create a barrier against skin irritation.

“Bandelettes” by Bandelettes
This Staten-Island based lingerie company pioneered a line of sexy-but-practical lace wraps that go around your upper thigh. They’re like a garter with more material, which protects your inner thighs from repeatedly hitting one another on the hottest days of summer. Bandelettes are cute and concealable, but lacy and sexy if you wanted to wear them as an accessory at the same time. This slip-on lace band has some serious press coverage too, featured in Vogue, Vanity FairCosmopolitanWomen’s Health, and beyond.

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