How Beats 1 Radio Is Shaping A Generation


As the way we receive and share music continues to evolve with the times, some have begun to say that radio is dead. With a plethora of platforms to discover new artists as well as listen to our favorites, one medium in particular has revolutionized the radio as we know it. Whether we view it as a pre-emeptive adaptation to an emerging trend or a perhaps a reflection of the times, Beats 1 Radio is shaping a generation of listeners.

After Apple acquired Beats Electronics in 2014 (which included Beats Music), Apple & Beats developed an elite task force of music curators to craft groundbreaking programs for listeners worldwide. Beats Music CEO Ian Rodgers and Apple’s Zane Lowe teamed up to produce a comprehensive stream of 24 hour broadcasting. The distinguishing factor being that the eclectic sounds provided by each radio show under the Beats 1 radio umbrella are, although unique in their own right, are powerful. Anyone can simply play hits and feed into the mainstream wave, Beats 1 instead creates vibes. For the first time in ages, people are actually tuning into various programs and listening. What was becoming white noise, Beats 1 successfully reformatted the way we consume radio–consistently generating noteworthy content by major recording artists we follow and are inspired by.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it, and the same premise holds true for music. Beats 1 plays on this concept by providing a platform for artists to freely express the feelings associated with the vibes they’re curating. We fall in love with songs because of how the track makes us feel. With the help of some of the worlds’ most influential warriors of sound, listeners are able to connect with music in a new way.

Some of the most popular stations include OVO Sound, Soulection, Dr. Dre’s “The Pharmacy”, Frank Ocean’s “Blonded”, OTHERTone by Pharrell Williams, and Abstract Radio by Q Tip. With almost 40 featured stations on any given month, thousands tune in daily to hear the latest breaks in the industry as well as be serenaded by curated tunes of some of the most prolific tastemakers in the game. From reggae to grime, alternative to dance, Beats has something for you. As if it couldn’t get any better, in addition to playing music you know and love, the program will likely get you hip to a plethora of new artists, tracks, and sounds you may have otherwise overlooked.

Beats 1 synchronizes everything we love about streaming music, staying up to date on pop culture, and getting down to core of why we love music – the feeling we get when we listen, and the inclusivity of a worldwide production.

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