BEAUTY: The Innate Life Scalp Treatment & Rose Hair Elixir

As some of you know, at the age of twelve, I became all about vegan eating, wellness and all things natural. My journey has been an interesting one, filled with lots of discoveries. I’m really fortunate to be able to share any and all of my findings with you. I’m no expert, but I know a few things.

Anyways, I used to be the girl who stayed static in her product choices, never veering or experimenting. Lately, I’ve been open to seeing what’s out there–especially in the organic & natural world. After watching a video of one of my favorite natural vloggers, Holistic Habits, she shared some of her favorite hair treatments–which she uses to maintain her long and luscious locks–by The Innate Life.

I was very interested in the brand after watching her video and decided to give it a go! And…well…the results are in! It’s now a staple in my weekly hair routine.

I tried The Innate Life Scalp Treatment first. On Sundays, I like to do masks and hair treatments  – so early in the day, I section my hair off and take dabs of this very herbal scented putty-like mixture in my fingertips. It sort of melts a little, which is actually nice and easy to smear in my sectioned off hair.

I follow up with The Innate Life Rose Hair Elixir, dropping just a few drops into the palms of my hand and smoothing the bottom portion of my hair–mostly where the scalp treatment doesn’t touch. Then, after washing it from my hair strands, my hair feels softer and definitely more moisturized.

I also like to take a few drops of the Rose Elixir and smooth it into my curls when they are feeling dry. This is a new tip I’ve learned, using just a touch of oils on the ends of your hair can help seal them and prevent damage or split ends.






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