BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY: Activated Charcoal Is Nature’s Healer

Activated charcoal is a hidden gem that is slowly but surely making it’s name in the health and beauty industry. The molecules in charcoal act as magnets, pulling all negative toxins from whatever it touches. This makes it an amazing product to use for help with deep cleansing and detoxifying. We’ve complied a list of uses and products to help see where activated charcoal may be missing in your regimen.


Charcoal is great for acne, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. This product is not only great for the face but also your back, and the back of your arms where several people struggle with break-outs and skin discoloration.

Huntington Soap Co. has come up with a great solution for your skin. At only $8 a bottle, this product should always be out of stock. Add it to your shower routine at least twice a week and watch be amazed at how quickly you skin changes. Add it to your cart here.


Say goodbye to those funny tasting teeth whitening strips. Charcoal can also is be used as am instant teeth whitener.  All you have do is apply the charcoal on your toothbrush as if it were toothpaste and brush away. Don’t be surprised if you notice a dramatic difference in your teeth before and after the first use. We’re telling you, this stuff is the closest thing to magic.

Carbon Coco‘s teeth whitening kit comes with a mini toothbrush from a application and only takes five minutes to complete. You can purchase it here.


Feeling a little bloated and weird but Aunt Flow isn’t schedule to come for another two weeks? Charcoal helps alleviate gas and pressure from your digestive system that may be contributing to your bloating and discomfort.  Just a teaspoon with water hours before eating will help and before you know it, those symptoms start to fade away.


Prescribed For Life‘s charcoal product is gentle on you digestive system. Blended with coconut, it also provides healing mechanisms for the inner layers of your body. Since charcoal is so natural, it is proven to soothe and heal minor skin ailments. Mix it with water until it forms a paste, then spot treat to affected areas. It can help lessen pain and bring down swelling in minor skin irritations. Amazon has you covered.


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