Nudes Anyone? Must Have Lipstick Staple

Nude lipstick is a makeup must have. Whether you’re going glam or doing the bare minimum, there’s always a need for a nude lip. For women of color, finding your perfect nude can be a pain. Not to worry, our helpful guide is all you need to find your perfect nude.

Lighter Tones

Women on the lighter end of the color spectrum have the world of nudes at their finger tips. As a rule of thumb, your best nude will be something close to the natural color of your lips. For lighter skin tones, this will be something with a pink base. Kylie Jenner recently released a collaboration with her sister, Kim Kardashian-West, that features nothing but nudes. Her collections usually sell out fast, so if you can’t get your hands on hers, you can try Clueless from Colourpop or the Simply Nude Lip Cream collection from NYX Cosmetics.

Medium Tones

Those with medium tones have a unique problem: typical nudes can either be too light or too dark on them. To combat this issue, it’s important to have a versatile lip liner. Lip liners can make any nude lipstick work for you, regardless of your skin tone. Medium-toned people will have a range of lip shades, and can span from pink shades to brown shades. Your best nude will be somewhere between your skin color and your lip color. MAC Cosmetics has always been brown-girl friendly, and their new lip kits help you solve the lip liner issue as well as finding your perfect color. This collection includes colors for all tones, but makes it easier for medium to darker skin tones to find their perfect shade. NYX Cosmetics has another line of nudes, this time in a matte formula, as an alternative. Teddy, Ruffle Trim and Beauty Mark will have people wondering if you even have on lipstick in the first place!

Dark Tones

When you have darker skin it can be hard to find anything for your shade: foundation, lipstick, and even blush. Thankfully, we have a growing resource of beauty brands that focus on women of color. Milani is one of the most visible brands that cater to dark skin, and can be found at your local drugstore, Target or Walmart. While some darker skinned people do have pink lips, it’s best to go with a brown shade that has pink undertones. And remember, a brown lip liner will be your best friend. Their Amore matte lip cream in Darling, Sweetie, and Honey are great pinkish-brown nudes, and for those with extra deep tones, Covet (a deep brown) and Fabulous (a reddish brown) will be perfect for you.

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