Beauty Tip Tuesday: Flex with Your Nails


I always hate trying to figure out what kind of accessories to throw together with an outfit. I end up spending so much time trying to uses accessories to make an outfit my own. A couple years ago I found the best way to show my personality without having to change it up everyday. Enter nail art, my favorite accessory.

“I get more compliments on accessories than anything else. I think they are kind of like the herbs and spices. They give zest and zing to an outfit.” – Iris Apfel

Doing your nails is not only a way of creative expression, but it can be extremely relaxing. Whether you are doing it yourself at home, or going to a salon, nail art is an easy way to be unique and and always look fresh.

Doin’ it at Home

After some practice doing your nails at home can be so easy. I have a couple of tips and tricks to help you out.

The Bobby Pin: Using the end of a bobby pin is the best way to get perfect dot without having to use fancy nail art tools. Dots are super basic, but how you use them can make a great design. Play around with the lay out of the dots or the colors, create cute flowers, or a cloudy set.

floral nails

Tape is your Friend: Tape is great for nail art. You can use it to cover the edges of your nails, so you always have clean fingers. Or you can use it to up your nail art game!


Nail Art Tools: Using actual nail art tools also help. You can get a dotting tool or nail art brushes super cheap online to bring everything to the next level.

Going to a Salon

I recently decided to go to a professional nail salon to try out getting my nail art done by a skilled technician. After following Vanity Projects on Instagram for months I finally booked an appointment and made my way to their salon tucked away in Chinatown. The whole experience was remarkable. It was the best manicure I ever had, everything was so detailed starting with how carefully they filed my nails into a perfect rounded edge. My nail technician was so meticulous about every detail making sure the design matched perfectly on all my nails. I’m pretty sure I’m hooked, but it’s okay treat yourself, right?

You can check out some of their other designs on their Instagram!

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