Beauty Tip Tuesday: How To Get A Natural Summer Glow

Summer is in full effect in New York City and we wanted to give you a couple pointers on how to achieve a natural glow, while staying safe in the sun from head to toe. *Cues “Glow” by Drake ft. Kanye West*

Go Bare

Do yourself a favor and step away from your makeup bag: foundation, primer, concealer etc. Sweating in the summer is completely normal. Keep in mind that the more you pack on your skin, the easier your open pores will be able to absorb all the toxins and gunk. Your summer staple products should be kept to a minimum such as light blush, bronzer and your favorite chapstick; if you’re worried about oily skin, replace your powder with blotting paper to reduce clogged pores.

Sun Protection

Always make sure to apply your sunscreen prior to going outdoors. Ironically, many sunscreens contain toxic ingredients that can actually promote skin cancer growth and free radical production in the body. Click here’s a fun recipe on a homemade natural sunscreen and, don’t neglect SPF for your lips! Additionally, many people keep travel size spray bottles of rosewater handy. Amongst its many moisturizing benefits, rosewater has natural cooling properties and is excellent toner to keep your pores tight and firm.

Cleansing & Exfoliating

We have previously highlighted the importance of weekly exfoliation, especially in the summer as we collect dead skin, oil, product buildup and environmental stressors. These residuals eventually dull your complexion and may lead to blemishes. Over the summer months, a healthy skin care regimen includes daily cleansing (yogurt mixed with honey is a dual cleaner & moisturizer) and an all-over weekly exfoliation. Sugar scrubs are quick and easy treatments you can do for your lips, hand and feet for visibly smoother skin.

Protect Your Crown

Your scalp and hair are the very first targets as soon as you step outside. Just like our skin, we have to take protective measures to ensure that our mane isn’t suffering from dehydration and unnecessary breakage. Spritz your favorite natural leave-in conditioner before heading to the beach to retain moisture, color, and shine. Whether you’re a fan of hats, banana clips, silk head-wraps or protective styling (twists, braids, wigs etc.), these are all great alternatives to keep your tresses healthy, in place and oil from reaching your face.


Water is your best friend no matter the season. It’s especially important in the summer to make up for losses through sweat. Proper hydration helps absorb nutrients and expel waste products. If water is too boring for you, try juicing. We are less hungry during warmer months due to lower metabolic needs. Experiment with replacing a meal a day with a juice. Stop by your local farmer’s market for seasonal fresh fruits and veggies but avoid too much fruits as it contains more sugar.

Stress less about makeup and the everyday routine, and get ready to enjoy some fun in the sun with good company. What are your summer routines to keep a healthy and natural glow?

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