Beauty Tip Tuesday: Grooming Tips for the Bearded Boys

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Beards are in, but that doesn’t make having one easy. Having a beard is so much more than just deciding to have one. There are many ways to go from lumberjack to Tumblr dream boy. Keeping that beard well groomed is definitely the key to success. We’re here to give you some  helpful tips when it comes to keeping that bad boy in check. Make sure you get to the bottom to check out how to make a your own beard balm!


Pick a Beard, Any Beard

Every chin is like a snowflake, no two the same. Find a beard that matched your face shape. Depending on how your chin is shaped, a different beard could fit your face better. Check out this sweet chart from Birchbox.

A Trim is Essential

A beard is a conscious decision, and should be treated as one. Just growing out hair isn’t the same as growing a beard. Make sure to trim it, and keep it neat to grow some fire facial hair. Having a quality tool to trim is the key to success in this department.

Product Makes the World Go ‘Round.

Nothing helps a beard more than some great product. Oils will not only make your beard smell fantastic, but it will make it softer, shinier, and more put together.

Wash It

All hair needs a good clean and condition–whether it be on your head or your face. To wash away all the bacteria and dirt from the day give it a good wash. This will also help minimize the itch!

Brush that Beard

Giving your beard a good brush will train your hair to grow downwards giving it the complete, well-groomed look. Brushing will keep your hairs from flying away, and a good beard styling product can also help.


Check out this Beard Balm via Beardaholic:

Step 1. Heating the Mixture
Place 2 ounces Shea butter, 1 ounce of Beeswax, and 4 ounces of coconut carrier oil into a vat and place over a very low heat. Since you are only experimenting with small portions, a candle warmer might be safer than the low setting on your range.

Step 2. Mixing the Balm
Watch closely as the ingredients begin to melt and blend together. Stir occasionally and do not let come to a boil. If it reaches a boil, you burn the mixture and eliminate all those therapeutic ingredients. Once the solution has become a liquid, remove from the heat.

Step 3. Adding Essential Oils
This is when you have to work a little fast. The key here is adding the essential oils before the balm is allowed to solidify. Place a few drops of the rosemary and lavender oil in the balm, stir well.

Step 4. Pour Into the Tin
Once the oil has been added, immediately pour the balm into the storage tin and cover.

Step 5. Cooling the Balm
Allow the balm to sit in the tin overnight to properly cool. The next morning your beard balm will be ready to apply to your face.

Experiment with different oils to get the fragrance and the texture you desire. Some oils will reduce itchiness, some make the skin moist. In no time at all, you will be an expert making your own beard balm at home.


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