#BeautyTipThursday: Lip Masks

Our lips are important and we should treat them with such respect. Our lips are responsible for framing our smiles, and for some people it can be their most coveted feature on their face. As beloved as our lips are whether it be by us ourselves, admires, or significant others sometimes we forget to care about our lips thinking Chap Stick or lip-gloss will solve our lip problems. But sometimes that’s just not going to cut it. Dealing with chapped, sun damaged, peeling, and dry lips can be torture. Over the years we have seen the beauty and cosmetic industry care more for our lips with products such as sugar based lip scrubs, lip stick bases, lip plumpers, and now we have lip masks.

Hearing the phrase lip mask can cause a double take, but a lip mask is packaged the same manner a facemask is packaged. Per usual, I found two lip masks at Sephora. There is a Shea lip mask for protecting and repairing. According to the packaging the mask is enriched with shea butter, protects the lips from everyday aggressions, and soothes every sensation of dryness. The other lip mask I picked up is the Rose lip mask for moisturizing and softening. The packaging notes the mask has natural rose extract, it immediately moisturizes lips, soften and soothes lips. Both masks are priced at three dollars a mask (A steal!).

I opted to use the Shea lip mask. The mask is oversaturated in product and is pretty easy to put on. There was no weird smells and most of all the lip mask seems to fit all lip sizes. It is instructed to keep the masks on for 15 minutes and as I patiently waited I noticed there was no tingling feeling on my lips, which is sometime expected from lip products. Once the 15 minutes were up I slowly peeled off the mask and rubbed in the excess product into my lips. My lips felt naturally soft and had a healthy amount of moisture to them. Using a lip mask may no be super important on your beauty routine but if you want soft healthy moisturized lips don’t be hesitant to adding it to your beauty routine.What other lip masks are you using? How else are you caring for your lips?


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