#BeautyTipTuesday: 5 Ways To Wear Fenty Beauty Match Stix

Diversity is the theme of Rihanna’s new makeup line, Fenty Beauty. The multi-faceted pop star made headlines earlier this month for achieving what many makeup brands struggle to do: create products that work on every skin tone. However, the shade range isn’t the only thing that’s diverse. Rihanna designed her products to be used however the consumer wants to use it. The Match Stix and Killa Watt highlighters are the stars of the collection with more uses than one.


All of the Match Stix are highly pigmented, making them perfect for quick eye shadow or extra support as a base. Use a flat eyeshadow brush or your fingers to apply.


Match Stix come in 20 matte skin tones and 10 shimmer tones, allowing you to take your look anywhere you want it to go. Try them on the lips to get a perfect nude/dark lip, or to add some extra dimension to a glossy lip!


While the shimmer Match Stix are pretty glittery, they still work on most parts of the face. Depending on the brush, you can apply less-glittery shades, such as “Chili Mango”, to the apples of the cheeks. Fingers work, but if you’re considering using a brush, use one that applies products on the sheer side.



The most obvious use for the Match Stix is to get your shine on. Although the Stix are super pigmented, you can make a soft or a beaming glow with the same product. These can also be used as a base for a powder highlight on days you’re feeling really extra.


This one might be tricky, but it can be done! Since this product is a cream, you’ll want to use a small, stiff eye liner brush. It might help to take off a tiny chunk and work off the back of your hand.

How do you wear your Fenty Beauty?



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