#BeautyTipTuesday: Jhene Aiko’s Skincare Secrets

Our skin is one of our most prized possessions and we always want to make sure it is on point and glowing for the GAWDS! We are forever on the lookout for the best skin care products and routines to keep us looking amazing and we might have just stumbled upon gold. Earlier this month, a fan asked Jhene Aiko about her skincare routine on IG and sis dropped the goods.

Jhene Aiko is known for her luminous and almost perfect skin so you know we had to screenshot it and do our research.  Here are the details on Jhene Aiko’s skin care secret. Try them out and let us know if it worked for you!

Fraxel Treatment

Jhene Aiko gets a Fraxel treatment twice a year. Fraxel is a layering process that targets the skin’s fibroblasts, a type of cell that creates collagen. The process targets fine lines and improves texture to smooth and refine the appearance of pores. Jhene said it hurts “like shit,” and will leave your face with scabs that fall off eventually but “Its all so worth it tho”, she says. Jhene keeps up the results of the Fraxel treatment with her favorite cleansers, serums, polishes, and vitamins.

CreVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser


LANCER The Method: Polish 


iS Clinical Active Serum


Dr. Schulze’s SuperFood Plus 




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