#BeautyTipTuesday: This is Why Facials Are Important (and needed)

What does it mean to have good clean skin in 2020? If you flip through the latest issue of Allure or browse the home page of your favorite blog or scroll down your YouTube page, it means you need a multi-step cleansing routine, a cocktail of serums, oils and masks, beauty tools and timely trips to the spa for facials. Yes, in 2020 the #skincare #goals benchmark includes all of these things on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, but is it all worth it? Are all the steps and trips necessary and effective? Sometimes seen as more hype than help facials have gotten a bad rep in the past. But once determined as a luxe treatment offered mainly at spas and high-end dermatologists, facials have become more popular and attainable than ever.

Beauty is a big topic on Vashtie.com and starting with good clean skin is kind of our thing. We’ve talked about serums, masks and clean beauty  here before and if you keep up with Vashtie you’ve likely have seen her make time for facials. There can be a lot of benefits from regular treatments but before we hop to the good stuff lets break down what a facial actually is. A facial is a skin cleansing treatment that generally includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, extraction and often times a mask. You may think you’ve got all those steps covered in your at-home-routine but visiting a trained esthetician is a lot different than what you do in your bathroom. Estheticians and dermatologists are trained on the fickleness of skin which means they know the ins and outs, types, textures and behaviors of skin.

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You see, the main purpose of skin is to be a barrier. It protects our body from all the harmful junk floating around us on the daily. That said, the outside of skin will benefit the most from your at-home-efforts i.e intense moisturizing and soft feeling skin. For internal results like anti-aging, regeneration and stimulation penetration is key, and that’s where facials come in. The intense cleansing/exfoliation/extraction process can make it easier for vitamins, retinoids and antioxidants to do their thing and help provide the long term “good skin” we’re striving for.

But what about the price tag? Its true facials can get a bit pricy but research and good ol’ common sense show that expensive isn’t always better. Many trusted salons offer packages that are affordable and effective, and since the recommended frequency is about once a month it can be seen as an investment. Read up on reviews or ask your friends for recommendations before leaping into a facial blind. The invested research and time will be worthwhile in order to find a specialist you can trust and depend on. But to start you off here are a few benefits you can expect from the newest addition to your skincare regimen: The Facial.


  • Help reduce stress by massaging the pressure points of the face
  • Detoxify the skin through a thorough cleansing process
  • Prevents aging and help rejuvenate the skin by boosting cell regeneration, collagen development, and blood circulation
  • Create even skin tone and texture through professional exfoliation
  • Deep cleaning treatments helps unclog pores to help with acne and blackheads
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