#BeautyTipTuesday: The Truth About Sleeping With Make Up On

After a long night of curving men in the club, 9 times out of 10, you’re too tired to wipe your make up off. Your powder is now soaked into your face, one of your lashes are falling off and you’re positive you put on concealer but probably sweated it off. As you hop in bed with a face full of make up and no care in the world, you may be forfeiting your beautiful skin underneath. Although a doctor can give you a million scientifically proven facts about skin care, but we’ve decided to reach out to Alexis Robinson, an entertainment PR and every day woman of color who has dealt with eczema as a child. In this interview below, we give you insight on a real life look at skin care, make up and if you sleeping with make up on last night completely ruined you life:

“As kid who grew up with eczema; it has always been very important for me to know my skin. I didn’t have my first zit until I was 22 years old, I’ve always taken really great care of my skin. Once I got started in entertainment and was wearing make up daily, I knew it was time to really study and take my face to the next level, so I started really focusing on the things my aesthetician would tell me,” says Alexis.

VashtieDotCom: Is sleeping with make up, truly bad for your skin? How so?

Alexis: Yes! Like I mentioned before, I have never had a history of bad skin or breakouts ever since I starting treating my skin for eczema when I was little, I noticed in the past 2 years ALL of my breakouts were related to wearing make up overnight. Make up absorbs into your skin and the longer you wear it, the more time you are giving it to clog your pores. I literally buy a pack of make up remover wipes to keep by my bedside for nights where you’ve had a drink or 10 (haha) and don’t want to do your normal face routine. If anything with this, I can at least not worry about waking up with make up on.
VashtieDotCom: What really happens over night to your skin when you sleep with make up on?
Alexis: You are giving your skin more time to clog your pores, and creating oils and/or bacteria to attract to your skin. The bacteria is usually acne related, nothing serious, but that’s what causes break outs.
VashtieDotCom: Can dirty make up brushes also contribute to “not so” flawless skin under make up?
Alexis: A licensed professional will probably tell you less, but honestly not in my experience. I am pretty lazy, I like to keep things as simple as possible so although I probably should be washing my brushes probably weekly or something, I do about once every 2 months. Your skin care routine prior to make up and a good primer will even it out.
VashtieDotCom:Are there any make up products that are your go-to that can hide blemishes without too much underlying damage?
Not a make up product, but oddly enough Cortizone 10 lotion (there’s a strong one for eczema too) will almost always fix (not always permanently) any acne problem I ever have. Whether it be a rash, eczema break out, or a ZIT (yes, really) .. If you apply it on a bothered area of your skin it will almost always diminish the issue.
VashtieDotCom: Is there truly a such thing as too much make up? and if so, how can it be damaging to the skin underneath?
Alexis: No, especially these days where make up is so popular. I have never been one to wear tons of make up, still learning all the tricks to contouring etc., but when it comes to make up and skin, the second you put liquid foundation on you’ve taken a hit to your skin like I mentioned before with your pores, so anything after that really doesn’t matter as far as how much make up you end up wearing. 
VashtieDotCom: And lastly, what is your number one skin tip to keeping your face blemish free?
Alexis: HYDRATION and MOISTURE. When my face started to finally experience break outs and pimples, I really started to focus on skincare and figured it out. I use brad “Simple” cleansing water daily and a facial moisturizer. If I cannot do my full skin care routine, I make sure to do this and water. I was an athlete so waters always been a staple, which I believe is part of the reason I’ve never had bad skin, but in adulthood I had to really focus on drinking as much or close to as much as I did in high school/college when I was an athlete. Drinking tons of water not only makes your skin clear, but it keeps it young. The bags under my eyes have diminished a great amount and I truly can leave the house regularly in confidence without foundation.

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