Behind On Make-up Trends? Get Your Brows Right With These Beauty Hacks And Tutorials

First off, if you’re blessed and have naturally thick eyebrows, this may not apply to you. However, this post will not only stress the importance of adding extra color to your brows, but finding a shape that fits your face.

Whether you love full brows or like to keep them thin, adding a little extra color to emphasize your shape can do wonders for your look. By simply working with your shape, you can add a touch of necessary drama to your aesthetic. Now, we’re not talking old school Chola eyebrow vibes (but if that’s your thing, that’s cool too), nor are we talking drag brows (also amazing if that’s your thing), but simply emphasizing your natural glow.

Of course, this isn’t new information–the brow obsession has become deeply integrated into beauty rituals worldwide. Makeup gurus flaunt their perfectly arched brows, and, for whatever reason, many girls still feel like that sort of perfection is intangible.

We’re here to save you from yourself and tell you that it’s not! All you need are three simple things:

  • Confidence – Don’t doubt your abilities, you too are capable of having swoon-worthy brows!
  • Brow filler – Check out some of these top ranking brow filler brands. It’s impossible to not find the right match for you!
  • Practice, practice, practice – Arguably the most important step, it may take time for you to get in your brow shaping groove, don’t shy away from putting in some effort.

We’ve carefully curated some of our favorite brow tutorial vids and products to set you on a path to success. You’re welcome in advance, babes.

Tutorial Vids:






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