Ben Stiller Reunites ‘Dodgeball’ Cast For Charity Fundraiser

The early 2000’s gave us many comedy classics, perhaps one of our favorites was Dodgeball. So shout out to Ben Stiller for reuniting the cast of his 2004 film, not only for laughs but for charity.

Stiller is back as White Goodman, the intense leader of the Purple Cobras and Vaughn returns as Goodman’s nemesis. Also appearing in the four minute film is actress Christine Taylor. The reunion is to raise money for the Stiller Foundation. The Stiller Foundation primary mission is to support children around the world by providing educational opportunities to help them realize their full potential. Donors to the fundraiser can enter a contest for a chance to play dodgeball with Stiller and Vaughn

Watch the visual above for details on how to enter.

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