Bishop Briggs Creates a new Alternative Sound

Los Angeles based artist, Bishop Briggs, recently released her latest video to accompany her track, “Be Your Love.” The unique thing about this, is that the emerging artist took a different route and released a lyrical video first for the track instead of actual visuals. Nonetheless the graphics behind the lyrics still make for an interesting sight.

Who is Bishop Briggs anyway? Well she is a British musician who has taken the industry by surprise as her alternative style of music has caught the ears of many. Sarah Grace McLaughlin, Briggs actual name, was born to a Scottish family but grew up mostly in Japan and Hong Kong before she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in music at the age of 18. She was discovered in a local bar and teamed up with Mark Jackson and Ian Brendon Scott to create her first hit single, “Wild Horses.”

“Wild Horses” was a hit because of the amount of range that Briggs was able to show in just one song.  After the success of this, Briggs spent most of the year 2016 touring with Coldplay and performing at numerous music festivals before actually releasing her debut album, titled Bishop Briggs, this past April.

What seems to make Briggs unique from other artist in her genre is her ability to mesh a numerous amount of genres into one. Her vocals are a power to reckon with as well as she has a wide range that can’t be matched by any other alternative artist.

According to an interview done by, Briggs grew up listening to all kinds of music which is why her sound is so unique.

“I grew up listening to a lot of Motown music—I was really lucky that my parents were interested in that. They are both Scottish, and they love the Beatles, Aretha Franklin, and Otis Redding—that was hugely impactful. When I was younger, I was in a gospel choir for a couple years, and that was when I got introduced to this whole other world of soul, singing with emotion, and bringing in harmonies that are sometimes unexpected—that really opened my eyes.”

One of the standout tracks on her latest album happens to be “River.” “River” hits listeners head on with a strong percussion that transitions into a vibrant chorus highlighting Briggs soulful voice. It sort of puts listeners in mind of an Adele song. The lyrics to the song also help make the track a hit as she sings,

“How do we fall in love, Harder than a bullet could hit ya? How do we fall apart faster than a hair pin trigger?”

Other singles on the 6 track ep combine a little of dance like bass with trap influenced beats and her gospel vocals to create this new alternative sound that seems to be working for the emerging artist. Take a listen to her latest project below as Bishop Briggs continues to path a way for herself in the music industry.

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