Black Hair Appreciation- Celebrating the Wonders of Black Hair

Black Hair is good hair. There, I said it. That may be a difficult statement for some because of what we’ve been told is good hair. Let’s think about it, which hair is as versatile and durable as black hair? None. Black women can go from straight to curly, to kinky hair in a matter of seconds. That’s impressive. Add in the fact that black hair comes in a variety of textures, from 3A to 4C and more. It sounds like the best hair to me. Thanks to the rebirth of the natural hair movement, black hair is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Here’s a list to celebrate some of the wonderful things black hair can do.


Rocking your hair the way it grows out of your head; the ultimate flex. The only hairstyle that is exclusive to the kinky/curly girls.


Even in its natural form, there are infinite possibilities.

Box Braids & Locs

The best maintenance styles, and a reminder that black hair really can do anything.

Tribal Braids

Black hair is art and an expression of our culture.

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