Dumbgood’s Blockbuster Collaboration Should Be In Your Closet

Remember blockbuster? Well, they are back. Kidding, but clothing brand DumbGood can bring a bit of nostalgia to your life. Their recent collaboration with blockbuster brings back feels. The coveted blue and yellow branding takes the lead on their new line. Stocked with hoodies, bags, long sleeves, sweat pants, keychains, and necklaces, you’re able to wear your childhood.

Blockbuster officially filed for bankruptcy in 2010. The movie rental business rented your favorite releases to throwback Thursday favorites and became a staple for an at-home movie night. Unfortunately, once Netflix came in to play, the business began to diminish leaving The last Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon.

If you’re looking to rekindle your love with Blockbuster, your best bet is DUMBGOOD.  Check out the full collaboration online.


Cris Content Manager @CrisDaCat @RnBaeCollective

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