School Girl Crush: Kurt Cobain

Today, not only do we celebrate a legend’s 50th birthday, but we also celebrate how Kurt Cobain effortlessly swooned the ladies. Kurt Cobain was a rebel to society, being an advocate of many things. Through his late ’80s founded band, Nirvana, he challenged the nay sayers and haters with his lyrics and imagery in music. Beyond the music, he was a really sensitive soul who was in touch with his emotions. He never settled for anything and he questioned a lot, leaving him unsatisfied with what life offered him.

“What’s alternative? What’s counterculture? What’s cool? Who knows? Who cares? If chasing cool is important to you, you’re an idiot!” – Kurt Cobain

Being able to form a band that was ahead of its time is an absolute bragging right. But what made Kurt even more notable was his ability to not let his new status of cool effect how he moves or his work. Because he made music from his heart, everything about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana will remain timeless and will continue to inspire the generations to come.

Kurt Cobain became a pioneer in music, contributing to the genre of Alternative Rock and being deemed the unofficial spokesperson for Generation X in the early ’90s–a time of serious change and rebellion in music and society. Overwhelmed by the attention he received from his fame and public relationship with Courtney Love, unfortunately we lost a great one too soon! He leaves behind his amazing music and beautiful daughter, Frances Bean. Although truly missed, his voice and impact lives forever on!

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