#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: The Impact Myspace Had On The Creative Space

Who remembers the Myspace days? Where we owned each other photos and got into arguments over the order of your Top 8. We spent hours and days with our profile “under construction” where we googled and youtubed coding tips and tricks. Myspace was the beginning for a lot of us to become technologically advanced. We heavily contemplated what songs deserved to be on our profile but muted other peoples music the second we visited their page. Myspace will forever remain a pivotal point in culture and here’s why.

(Rae Sremmurd)


Myspace became a platform where many musicians and personalities found their following. Artist from Kid Cudi and Soulja Boy to Lily Allen and Panic! At the Disco changed what it meant to be a upcoming indie artist. Even Vashtie grew her fan base from Myspace. It’s the predecessor to Facebook , Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter where the culture is made up from the users themselves sharing content in hopes of gaining large followers. People walked around talking about how they were “Famous on Myspace” before instafame became reality.

(Nicki Minaj)


On Myspace we became masters at coding and took profile challenges with ease. Myspace encouraged users to take the cover off and get down and dirty in the mechanics of your page and this is why it was so cool. As Myspace progressed so did its users, creativity and skill determined your wallpaper and font type, even down to the way your cursor looked and functioned!

(Jhene Aiko)


We took our lives and personalities and made them worth experiencing on Myspace. Could you imagine how Millennials would be without Myspace? I bet you can’t because our current culture runs off the principals that were established on Myspace. The idea of wanting people to care and feeling satisfied through digital social interaction as well as thinking of yourself as a brand started with Myspace.

Today we’re aware of the challenges and problematic things that come with social media , but we can all think back to our old profile pictures, the 3D word art and appreciate that era of Aeropostale graphic tees and bathroom selfies for what it was : classic.

(Tyler The Creator)

(Kid Cudi)

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