WolfTyla’s Single All Tinted Is The Reminder of Summer Time We All Need

As we drift into fall and soon into winter, we can’t help but vaguely remember what summer feels like. With Seasonal Depression on the rise, it’s hard not to miss the warm sun on your skin, the extended daylight hours, and the late nights circling the park. Luckily, New York native singer and songwriter WolfTyla’s summer single “All Tinted” can put you in a great mood as we ride out the winter. She sings:

Let the music play
Summer’s  on the way
You  know that I need more better days
So I won’t make you stay
You should put your trust in me
Trust  in me, trust in me
I  won’t ever let you down
Let you fall, let you drown
Even  with my lies
I stay on your mind
Go ‘head take your time
Don’t go switching sides

The visual starts with WolfTyla hopping off her bike and heading to a private pool party with a few friends. You can smell the BBQ through the screen as she assures you that her love is here to stay through the single. While some of us may be freezing cold as winter approaches, new music from WolfTyla is guaranteed to keep things hot year-round. Stay on the lookout for the rising  star and tweet us at VashtieDotCom if you’re feeling her single “All Tinted.”


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