Brothers Of Climbing Seek To Diminish Generalizations Of Minorities In The Outdoors

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“We are determined to turn BOC into something more meaningful. Our first goal is to increase minority participation in rock climbing, particularly blacks. We want to break that barrier of people saying “ I don’t do that” because it’s a racial thing. We want to be role models and ambassadors to the sport. Sometimes, it is easier to relate or connect to something when you see someone like yourself doing it.”-Mikhail Martin, Co-Founder of Brothers of Climbing

REI has delivered a fresh new documentary directed by Duncan M. Sullivan which explores the world of Brothers of Climbing–a New York crew of diverse rock climbers. Co- founders Mikhail Martin and Drew Bellety sought out to change the perception of rock climbing within their culture, due to the overwhelming and heavy stereotype regarding African-American’s aversion from outdoor activities. The group believes this has created a perpetuated cycle. Without seeing representation in various crafts, the exclusion of people of color will continue. By creating their group and offering a welcoming experience to a diverse audience, Brothers of Climbing hopes to alter the landscape of the outdoors experience for good.

To find out more about Brothers of Climbing and their initiative, check out the video below.



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