Bruce Willis’ Classic Film ‘The Fifth Element’ Turns 20

In honor of the 20th Anniversary, The Fifth Element will make a brief reappearance in a theater near you. The screenings will take place on Sunday, May 14th and on Wednesday, May 17th (for screening locations and ticket information click here).

This thriller was prominent in the development of Sci-Fi genre in film. From early on, it captured the element of conspiracy by implementing a higher power; something we see in many films today. In this case that power lies in four mystical stones that essential for the defence of Earth against a horrible attack that’s scheduled to take place and destroy everything. A regular day for a taxi cab driver turned into something he could’ve never fathomed once his next fare appeared in his back seat.

Crazy thing is, Besson began writing this film when he was just 16 years old and it didn’t come into fruition until almost 22 years later. It turned out to gross over $263 million in the box office the year of it’s release. So here’s special message for all of the dreamers out there- never give up because your time soon come.

The newest version of the movie that’ll be shown in theaters has been modified to a 4k restoration and includes an introduction from director Luc Besson himself. Movie goers will also get an exclusive sneak peak of his upcoming film Valerian and the City of the Thousand Planets starring Cara Delevingne

Check out the trailer below:

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