But, What REALLY Goes Into Having a Friendsgiving?

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What is Friendsgiving? You’ve probably heard the term by now but what does it mean and do we really need it? Friendsgiving is the fellowship and sharing of food amongst close friends. It often occurs before Thanksgiving and yes we absolutely, 100% really do need it. When it comes to Thanksgiving and the holiday season it kicks off we tend to get wrapped up in our families, but spending time with friends is equally important. Especially in a big city like NY where friends are more like families than random acquaintances. Too often the real meaning of Thanksgiving is lost amongst family drama and monetary favors, but Friendsgiving transcends all the extraness allowing real feelings of thanks and gratefulness to be shown.

The allure of the city can be strong and living in it sometimes means being away from family for months, and missing the warmth of your loved ones can sting a lot around this time of year. In the city you grow close with your roommates, coworkers and people you see often enough to no longer be strangers. They’re the people you share your bad days with, hit up for brunch and talk to about the ins and outs of your daily life. In short these people become your “family,” and when traveling during the busiest time of year is impossible it’s nice to get that same warm feeling from a group you truly enjoy.

For Friendsgiving, you don’t need fancy decorations or even a planned out menu. Just have each person bring a dish and set the table for a family-style meal. Make sure there are cocktails and of course no holiday meal with be complete without champagne. Gather your friends around and tell stories, play games and take lots of selfies and group pics. To end the awesome night, serve a delicious dessert and a cider or a nightcap to keep everyone warm.

Sure you can celebrate friendships at any time of the year but Friendsgiving is special. It’s the time you come together to silently tell your friends you’re grateful for their existence. It’s not stuffy and there are no stifling expectations or awkward conversations. For this unconventional holiday, the only real rule is to enjoy good food with good company. So as we head into the holiday season don’t forget about your friends and show them some love with a Friendsgiving of your own.

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