You can now write in Off-White thanks to Virgil and Grog

In 2017, Off-White was one of the most successful street-wear brands from his “The Ten” collab with Nike  to clothing to accessories such as the notorious yellow industrial belt to even the announcement of collating with IKEA furniture.

This year, Virgil Abloh is. already off to a good start this year. Along with him announcing that he will be launching a more affordable clothing line called “For All” who will be pricing their t-shirts for $95 and hoodies for $170. This launch is available now at 11 Off-White store locations(in which does include New York). One thing you won’t be able to buy in store but which you will be able to purchase online at the site is  Virgil’s newly released set of Off-White “Markers”. Yes , now you can write in Off-White. The markers that just released in collaboration with the European marker brand Grog just add on to the signature moves that Virgil is already making.

If you want to make moves like Mr.Abloh, it’s going to cost you. The markers are priced at $142 and are available for purchase right now at the Off-White site. Because these are probably the highest priced markers on the market right now being that they are launched from a luxury brand, I’m not sure if I would use them or just collect them for the culture. The markers feature colors such as white, yellow, orange, red, blue, black pens, and each of them are crafted in Virgil’s classic design, placed in a see-through box. Keep your eyes on Virgil in 2018  because something tells us that he will continue to step out the box to create everything life-style friendly in some major upcoming ways. Stay tune.


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