Cat Clyde introduces a New Sound with her debut album Ivory Castanets

Cat Clyde isn’t the typical singer songwriter. Her music resonates with a variety of genres which makes a unique sound that is able to captivate a multitude of audiences. Since genre breaking is the route less traveled for most artists, Cat dives in first with her debut album Ivory Castanets and her fans love it.

From Stratford, Ontario in Canada, Clyde always loved writing. During her teens, she was in many bands and used writing as a way to clear her head. Clyde made her debut appearance into the music scene with her hit single titled, “Mama Said.” It’s an ode to a time in Clyde’s childhood where she had to leave with no explanation but “mama said.” The sound of the track initially drags listeners in as a twangy guitar plays with accompanying drums that lead to Clyde’s strong, yet soft vocals as she sings lyrics like, “Mama said, it’s gonna be a flight. Gotta pack our bags and go.”

After the release of “Mama Said,” Clyde went on to release the full project, which is the perfect mix of blues, jazz, country, and a tad of pop. The ten track album allows listeners into the world of Clyde regarding how she hears things and looks at the world. Her influencers, which range from Etta James to Chuck Berry to Karen Dalton, can be heard on every track.

Starting with the opening single, “Sheets of Green,” the track blends itself more to the country genre with its acoustic guitar behind the excellent vocal work by Clyde along with her harmonies to fill in between the instruments. The track also features an acoustic guitar solo that sounds as if it came straight from blues and ties together the song well.

“Running Water” picks up on a similar vibe as Clyde sings over a classic 1940’s rhythmic pulse played across guitars, drums, and a toned down horn section with a classic blues impulse. The instrumental mixed with Clyde’s voice is so powerful that an imagery of an old Jazz club accompanies the song as audiences listen to the track.

As the album progresses, more and more of Clyde’s influencers can be heard mashed into one unique sound, that only adds to the overall package of this emerging new artist. Tracks like “The Man I Loved Blues” and “Move Along” capture a raw blues feel. While other tracks, like “Walking Down the Road” bring out a ragtime feel.

As time goes on, it can only be expected for Cat Clyde to become a household name as she continues to use music for her enjoyment, use her songs to pay homage to old times, and continues to truly feel her music just like artist once did in past times.

Take a listen to Ivory Castanets below and on streaming sites including Apple Music and Spotify.

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