The Celebration Of An Icon: Grace Jones

Today, we celebrate the birth of the legendary Grace Jones. Over the years, the Jamaican model-turned-signer, has contributed to the fashion, art, and music industry unprecedented by any other artist of her era. From hit singles such as “My Jamaican Guy” and “Pull Up The Bumper,” to her personal interpretation of Edith Piaf’s original, “La Vie en Rose,” Grace paved her way through a new wave of experimentalism.

In 1986, French photographer behind the Paper cover, Jean-Paul Goude, shot and created the iconic montage of Grace for her album, Island Life, released under Island Records. The gravity-defying pose has become one of the most prominent image of Grace Jones, “the pre-Photoshop cover was created through cutting up different photos of the singer’s body and assembling them into a montage.” The album was a culmination of Grace’s greatest hits from the first nine years of her career.

With a career spanning more than four decades and 10 albums, Grace is known for her mixed genres of disco, reggae, electro, dub and pop. Presently, the influence of such a pronounced individual is still felt and revered throughout pop culture. Grace’s gender-bending and androgynous persona, introduced a new eclectic image that would inspire for lifetimes to come.

Check out our favorite looks and sounds below by the disco diva, Grace Jones!


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