Chapter One: Mercedes-Benz Collective Teams Up With M.I.A. & Tommy Genesis

No matter the level of authenticity and innovation, we all obtain inspiration from somewhere–typically, this inspiration stems from the legacy of our predecessors. In an effort to highlight the newest edition of the Mercedes-Benz fleet, the Concept EQ show car, Mercedes introduced Chapter One of their #MBcollective campaign.

The film unites musical and cultural icon, M.I.A., along with the burgeoning alternative star, Tommy Genesis, displaying a fashionably elusive dichotomy between protagonists and their protégés. The candid symmetry between M.I.A. and Tommy is symbolic of the forward-thinking nature of Mercedes’ Concept EQ show car — emphasizing the potential power in the new and the grace of their past. The film was shot by Luke Gilford, the visionary photographer, writer and filmmaker. Familiar with Blood Orange? Gilford directed the most recent “With Him / Best to You / Better Numb” short film.

Stay tuned for more from the #MBcollective, as this campaign has another two chapters on its way. They are destined to wow the public with more stunning visuals merging the two Generations of now and next in style and culture.

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