Childish Gambino Shares This Is America And It’s Real


Childish Gambino says get your money black man and we couldn’t agree any more. The West Coast rapper, director and actor gave us exactly what represents America last night with his new This Is America video directed by Hiro Murai. In all, the video is a little graphic, but seriously, what isn’t nowadays.

The video starts off with a bang, a real one. Gambino shoots a black man seated in a chair as a representation of “we” as a culture an be doing absolutely nothing and still lose our lives. Along with that symbolism, Gambino sprays a church choir dead, which we’ve seen before but also includes the latest popular dance moves in a few dance breaks throughout the video. We’re not sure about you, but this piece of work is the eye opener we need in terms of terrorism and police brutality

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Cris Content Manager @CrisDaCat @RnBaeCollective

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