#SolaceSunday: A Clean Space Fosters A Clear Mind

On the one day we get out of the week to relax, it just might help to spend it doing the opposite: cleaning our space to clear our mind. Sundays are our off days. It’s our day to relax, reflect, and rest. We spent all week working, all weekend hanging out, and we now have some time to recharge before we’ve got to do it all over again. The thought of devoting your last twenty four hour of freedom cleaning may sound daunting, but it definitely does pay off.

If you live in a constant frenzy, struggling to juggle all the many things you have going on in your life, chances are your apartment is a huge reflection of that. It is literally impossible to balance it all, so there’s no judgement if you haven’t changed your bed sheets in a few weeks or if you step over the same pile of dirty t-shirts everyday. You will find that organizing your space will help you relax your mind. Just think about how blissful you’ll feel in such a light and airy environment.

1. For starters, get up at a reasonably early time. (If your mornings usually start at 7 A.M., wake up at 10 A.M.)

2. Get all your chores done. (Laundry, vacuuming, dish washing, etc.)

3. Organize. (Gather your bills, paperwork, scrap sheets and organize them. Store the items you need like your monthly credit card statement and get rid of the things you don’t.)

4. Relax. (Light a candle, sit back without worry and feed off of the clean energy that you created.)

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